Academic Excellence Initiative is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making organization dedicated to academic excellence among the Nigerian youths. It was formed out of a great concern for the growing number of dropouts and the declining academic accomplishments among the Nigerian youths. The problem arising out of several circumstances necessitated the formation of a body that will dedicate itself to the sponsorship of education and at the same time promote intellectual pursuit through various programmes and activities that stimulate information sharing and exchange.

Thus Academic Excellence Initiative is a stopgap between the academic ambition of students and all forms of obstacles that may hinder them. The body will hence mobilize personnel, materials, supports and funds on behalf of students and judiciously manage same to develop students of unparalleled educational achievement and moral rectitude.


Excellence: Our Duty, Our Right


Mobilizing the youths towards academic excellence, educational rights, self discovery and optimization of potentials so that good ethics, love and future are secured.


To develop youth towards self discovery, aimed at excellence, ethics and self actualisation.


The objectives of AEI, though many, can be summarized under the following broad areas:

Ensuring proper tutelage towards academic excellence of the youths.

Inculcating moral and ethical values into the youths.

Providing moral and financial support to indigent students.

Expanding the horizon of the youths towards nation building.


The Academic Excellence initiative (AEI) aims to have its members spread across the federation in Nigeria. As a result of this, members that reside in a very close area are grouped as a UNIT while a group of very close units makes a ZONE. This makes it very easy for the initiative to deliver qualitative educational services to students in their various geographical zones. Presently, the initiative has its members in the following Zones:

  • OJO
  • REMO
  • OSUN


The membership of Academic Excellence Initiative is open to all people who share the aims and aspirations of the initiative. The following are the categories of the Academic Excellence Initiative’s membership:

A. Student members

All students in post primary institutions

B. Graduate members

Graduates from post primary institutions

C. Tutors

A graduate who teaches one or two subjects in the Learning Circle (LC)

D. Handler

An undergraduate or graduate, who shall co-ordinate the activities of a learning circle and take responsibilities of the initiative in his local area.

E. Other membership shall be honorary and conferred on distinguished individual who share the aims and aspirations of the initiative as determined by the central management team. This category include: Associate members, Full members, and Fellows.


The chief methods of AEI include grooming and training, scholarship, administration of preparatory examinations, conferences, seminars, workshops and symposia for students in different departments and levels. The Initiative also intends to publish journals, newsletters and special reports aimed at sensitizing the public in general as well as the intellectuals and education policy makers in particular

We organise several programmes aimed at achieving our goals and objectives. Some of these programmes are organised annually while some are organised as frequent as weekly.

1.  Youth Orientation Programme (YOP)

To cater for admission Seekers, an annual sensitisation programme is organized for students who have just concluded their WASC/ NECO examinations. This is aimed at giving a sense of direction on what to embark upon after their secondary education.

2.  National Youth Development Scheme (NYDS)

The National Youth Development Scheme (NYDS) is a six-month training programme aimed at improving the striving ability of the students, building in them effective leadership skills and inculcating in them requisite qualities of excellent human relationship. The goal is to prepare them for the challenges ahead in the various tertiary institutions of learning. 

The NYDS classes are customized and organized at the zonal level with a common curriculum. Guest Lecturers from institutions of higher learning and professionals alike are invited to discuss with the students, share experiences and serve as role models and mentors.

3.  SS3 Examination Counselling Seminars

AEI organizes examination counselling seminars for students preparing for WASSCE/NECO examinations to sensitize them on the things they need to know when preparing for WASSCE/NECO. We organise this programme on annual basis across several schools.

4. Camping Guidance and Counselling

As major camping programmes are organized annually by many organizations in Nigeria to address their Youth wings; AEI takes the opportunity to partner with the organizers to provide free Guidance and Counselling sessions to the students. The essence of this is to both advice the students on their academic pursuit as well as create an avenue to have closer rapport with them even after the camps.

5. JSS3 Career and Counselling Seminar

AEI also organize career and counselling seminar for JSS3 students to educate them on several career opportunities open to them and how best they can choose their careers. We organize this programme annually across several schools.

6. Leaning Circle

This is a weekly tutorial cum mentoring class organized for students in secondary schools to bring out the best in them academically. This is organized at the unit level across several centers.

7. Inter-School Quiz Competition

We organize annual inter-secondary schools quiz competition for schools in Mushin zone of the initiative. And this covers public schools in Oshodi, Isolo, Mushin and Surulere.  We have had five editions of this programme and in all editions we have gotten the support of education district IV and VI.



AEI strives to achieve its objectives also by partnering with willing organizations. The task of rebuilding Nigeria through education in the primary & secondary schools needs massive support from all concerned organizations. Below are some of AEI partners.

Pioneer Publishing

In its spirit of encouraging academic excellence, the Initiative wrote a foreword to a book – Passing Exams Without Tears published by The Pioneer Publishing.

State Ministries of Education

AEI partners with the various ministries of education in the states, Education districts (Lagos state in particular) to organize regular quiz competitions providing logistic support and use of state of the art tools provided by AEI volunteers.


LeoSmart Pens have been a notable contributor to AEI programmes. Providing free souvenirs to participants at AEI programs as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. 

Karagold Educonsult

AEI partners with Karagold Educonsult to organize a spelling bee competition for primary school and secondary school students in Lagos state. The programme held on 20th May, 2017 at the Staff School Hall, University of Lagos.


On the 14th June, 2017, we were given an award by the Lagos State Ministry of Education in recognition of our efforts in promoting academic excellence among students in Lagos State. We were equally recognized as a partner in education in Lagos State. This was a result of years of hard work and relentless efforts.


Guaranty Trust Bank 


Academic Excellence Initiative


67, Ladipo Road,

Mushin, Lagos,


Website: www.aeinigeria.org

Email: info@aeinigeria.org, aeinigeria1@gmail.com

Tel: 08037274047, 08081986039

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